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2 min readApr 26, 2023

April Ambles: Reflections of a Philosophical Forager — Day 25

Photo © SG Séguret

Ever stare into a body of water for an extended time before seeing something obvious that you have been missing? It could be the way your mouth droops, which keeps you from feeling bright; it could be the light of day which has gone dim and brings on the nostalgic call of the fireside; it could be that you are all alone and you yearn for someone to share the moment; it could be the shadow of a lake trout, swimming at a safe distance under the water; it could be a blue heron, silent and serene, holding your strength for you as you grapple with uncertainty.

Reflection is inherent in most of our moments, waking or sleeping. It is how we process the overload that most of us feel as we go about a modern-day life. It is sifting through the elements of our existence and putting them into perspective. It is looking into the mirror and trying to match what we see with what we feel. It is realizing when something is off, and envisioning what we can do to bring about a better balance.

It is also savoring the brilliant moments we have known, as well as the small, sweet moments we have known, and sometimes even the painful moments as we reflect on the love we still hold for one who is no longer in our immediate sphere.

It engages our minds when we are not busy doing, and it is frequently what keeps us company when we are in the midst of menial tasks such as washing dishes, making beds, sweeping up the dust of our loved ones. It is where we reside.

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SG Séguret

Susi Gott Séguret, fiddler, dancer, photographer, chef, is author of multiple works, including Appalachian Appetite, Child of the Woods & Cooking with Truffles.